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Laredo, TX: 707 E. Calton Rd. Suite 202 - Ph. (956) 606-4595 & (956) 723-5533

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Teeth Flossing
Enhancing Your Oral Health

Ahh…Smile Family Dentistry takes pride not only in our high-quality service, but in providing our patients with the tips, information, and resources to ensure they maintain excellent oral health. Dentist Laredo TX – Ahh…Smile Family Dentistry.

Free Teeth Whitening For Life

Ahh…Smile Family Dentistry, your dentist in Laredo offers free teeth whitening procedures to every new patient of Ahh…Smile Family Dentistry for as long as he or she remains a patient. If you’re already a patient, all you have to do is refer 3 family members or friends to receive this lifetime. Click to learn more.

a Dental Cleanings

Ahh…Smile offers dental procedures that can immediately help our patients achieve a great looking smile, brighter looking teeth, fresh breath, and an overall boost to oral health.

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a Teeth Whitening

With various teeth whitening procedures and our “Free Teeth Whitening For Life” service, Ahh…Smile provides safe, effective, and long lasting results that patients have been looking for.

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a Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Whether a patient’s wisdom teeth are growing incorrectly or unable to break through, Ahh…Smile performs wisdom tooth extractions for patients who are experiencing issues or wish to prevent any problems that might come up in the future.

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a Pediatric Dentistry

Our team of specialized dentists and professionals focus on bringing children and adolescents a caring, “child-friendly” dental experience as they build their way to a big, bright smile and superior oral health.

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