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Laredo, TX: 707 E. Calton Rd. Suite 202 - Ph. (956) 606-4595 & (956) 723-5533

Zapata, TX: 409 Hidalgo Blvd. - Ph. (956) 606-4402

December 2016

Not just hype. We achieve your smile confidence with proven results.

Ahh… Smile boasts modern, state of the art technology set in a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere; accommodating large numbers of patients with a total of 12 Operatories, 3 X-Ray Rooms and over 6,000 square feet of efficient and accommodating space for families, patients and employees. Your bright and healthy smile is our goal. Our close family of talented and driven personnel strive to deliver quality and honesty for your dental healthcare. A total...