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Dental Cleanings Laredo, TX

Ahh Smile offers superior dental cleaning procedures in our two locations in Laredo, Texas and Zapata, Texas. Our team of dentists and professionals have countless experience in dental cleanings and treating patients, helping them achieve a great looking smile, brighter looking teeth, fresh breath, and most importantly, overall oral health through dental cleanings. While regular oral hygiene is essential, regular dental cleanings are vital to maintaining oral health as they remove plaque, tartar buildup, and staining of the teeth. Additionally, regular Ahh Smile dental cleaning visits can ultimately save a patient money, as prevention is naturally better and more effective than cures and repairs for your teeth. Regularly performed Ahh Smile dental cleaning visits are the most integral part of your oral health and prevent what could be costly procedures and repairs that result from neglecting your teeth. With a superior team and a comfortable, relaxed environment, Ahh Smile dental cleaning procedures will ensure you have healthy teeth and a bright, white smile throughout your life!

The Benefits of Ahh Smile Dental Cleanings

Ahh Smile dental cleanings are a must for everyone who strives to maintain superior oral health. While it is relatively easy to maintain oral hygiene through brushing and flossing, dental cleaning are vital to maintaining superior oral health. Benefits of Ahh Smile dental cleanings include the prevention of cavities and tooth loss, a brighter smile and fresher breath, prevention of oral health complications, and an overall boost integral to your oral health.

Here’s of the top benefits that a regular Ahh Smile dental cleaning offers:

Cavity prevention – If you regularly do not schedule dental cleanings, you might have noticed a whitish film around your teeth. This is called plaque and it’s the main cause of tooth decay. Plaque eats the tooth enamel, which leads to cavities. With regular Ahh Smile dental cleanings, the plaque is removing, preventing what could lead to a series of cavities and poor oral health.
Tooth Loss Prevention – As previously stated, plaque is the major cause of tooth loss in adults. The same plaque can also build up and create gum disease, which advances and moves further down the tooth to the point of spoiling the jaw bone and causing teeth to loosen. Regular Ahh Smile dental cleanings are a major component of tooth loss prevention, as the plaque is eliminated and further complications cannot occur.
A Bright and White Smile – Ahh Smile dental cleanings include a removal of harmful substances that can be detrimental to your teeth and overall oral health, such as tobacco, coffee, and tea stains. Dental cleanings also include a thorough polish of your teeth, resulting in a clear, beautiful shine and a white, bright smile.
Bad Breath Prevention – Ahh Smile dental cleanings are a great defense against bad breath. Studies show that over 80% of constant bad breath, or halitosis, are due to poor oral hygiene and dental issues. The best way to combat this is through regular dental cleaning. By scheduling a regular Ahh Smile dental cleaning, patients can ensure their oral health is on point, eliminating persistent bad breath issues.
Prevention of Serious Health Complications – Bad oral hygiene is known to be associated with various serious health problems that include strokes, diabetes, cancer, bone loss, infection, and heart disease. By scheduling a regular Ahh Smile dental cleaning, you can reduce the risk of developing serious conditions that can not only be life threatening, but very expensive.
Save Money – Ahh Smile dental cleanings serve as major prevention methods against both oral health complications and serious health conditions. By detecting early signs of dental and mouth issues, patients can prevent any issues that can become serious and expensive.

How Long Do Ahh Smile Dental Cleanings Take?

Ahh Smile Family Dentistry dental cleanings take approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete. Patients who have not had a dental cleaning performed in a long time can expect a slightly longer session, though not significant. Generally, the dental cleaning session involves a basic teeth cleaning procedure, with additional procedures necessary for certain patients who require a more extensive dental cleaning. In certain cases where the dentist detects early signs of issues, x-rays and a thorough analysis of cavities and gums might be requested.

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Ahh Smile dental cleaning visits in Laredo, Texas and Zapata, Texas are crucial to your overall oral health. With comfortable, relaxed facilities and environments, and a team of experienced dentists and professionals, Ahh Smile dental cleanings can become a pleasant, regularly-scheduled experience in your life as you look to maintain and boost your overall oral health and hygiene. From children, teenagers, and adults, Ahh Smile dental cleanings deliver to all patients and offer a constant big and bright smile, as well as excellent oral health throughout their life.

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