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Dental Fillings Laredo, Texas

Ahh…Smile offers superior dental filling procedures in our two locations in Laredo, Texas and Zapata, Texas. With a team of experienced dentists and professionals, dental fillings quickly restore tooth damaged and decay back to their normal function and shape. Ahh Smile dental fillings quickly remove the decayed material, clean affected areas of the tooth, and clean out the cavity with the filling material. Ahh Smile offers various dental filling methods and materials fit for every patient’s needs and preferences. Dental filling methods and materials include gold fillings, amalgam, or silver fillings, porcelain fillings, and composite dental fillings. With a comfortable environment and superior facilities in Laredo, Texas and Zapata, Texas, patients who require dental fillings will not only be satisfied, but well on their way to a brighter smile and first-class oral health. Call Ahh Smile in Laredo or Zapata and schedule your dental filling today!

Why Schedule An Ahh Smile Dental Filling?

As it is almost impossible to completely avoid bacteria, bacteria currently founds its way in your mouth and becomes plaque. Through poor oral hygiene and neglecting regular dental cleanings, plaque can have a severe effect on your teeth. The acidic nature of plaque eats away at your teeth, constantly destroying the tooth. Eventually, holes occur within the tooth, commonly referred to as cavities. Fortunately, dental fillings can repair the tooth decay and cavity by filling in the hole in the tooth and bringing it back to normal function and shape. Dental fillings also close off spaces where bacteria can enter, which prevents further decay.

Choosing not to get a dental filling and treating a cavity will let it continue to grow. If a cavity is not treated it can destroy the tooth and make it extremely difficult to destroy a significant part of the tooth. If such thing happens, dental fillings cannot cure the tooth anymore and only a dental crown can fix it. Furthermore, letting it continue to grow past this point can lead to an infection of the pulp, which leads to a painful abscess that only a root canal can fix. Further neglect can lead to a mandatory extraction.

To put it simply, if you have a cavity, it is critical to schedule a dental filling and avoid further complications. With various dental filling options available, Ahh Smile can get your tooth right back to health, eliminating any future complications.

Ahh Smile Dental Filling Options in Laredo Texas, and Zapata, Texas

Ahh Smile offers a variety of options of dental fillings featuring different materials and finishes that will accommodate every patient’s needs and preferences. With gold dental fillings, amalgam silver dental fillings, plastic resins and porcelain dental fillings, patients can choose the option most aesthetically pleasing to them.

Here are a few of Ahh Smile dental filling options available for patients in Laredo and Zapata:

Composite dental fillings – Composite fillings are relatively new in comparison to other dental fillings and are improving by the day. Composite dental fillings Dentists take the plastic resin and harden it through a series of bright blue lights that cause chemical reactions. The process results in a strong material highly resemblant of a natural tooth.

Amalgam dental fillings – Amalgam dental fillings are the oldest fillings to be developed. Most people recognize amalgam dental fillings by their prominent silver finish. Amalgam dental fillings are highly resistant and cost efficient, but are occasionally regarded as less aesthetically pleasing than other dental fillings, such as composite or porcelain dental fillings.

Porcelain dental fillings – Porcelain dental fillings are almost unnoticeable, as they can be matched to the color of your teeth. They are known to be more resistant than other metal dental fillings and are unlikely to loosen up or have any effect on the structure of your tooth. Porcelain dental fillings are typically used when a cavity is large or in an area where maximum chewing pressure is required. Due to their natural tooth color, it is also an optimal option for areas that are highly visible during talking or smiling.

In addition to these options, Ahh Smile offers various alternative dental filling materials. Contact Ahh Smile in Laredo, Texas or Zapata, Texas to find more information and to schedule your dental filling procedure today.

How Long Do Ahh Smile Dental Fillings Last?

Ahh Smile Family Dentistry dental fillings last anywhere from five to seven years, depending on filling material applied as well as a patient’s oral health and hygiene. While certain materials such as amalgam fillings tend to last longer than tooth-colored dental fillings (composite resin dental fillings), many patients choose the latter due to their aesthetically pleasing characteristics.

No matter which option of Ahh Smile dental fillings the patient goes for, we deliver long lasting, efficient results in an easy, comfortable environment that will make for a smooth experience and application.

Schedule Your Ahh Smile Dental Filling in Laredo, Texas and Zapata, Texas today!

Ahh Smile dental fillings are essential to battling cavities and restoring your teeth’s health and bringing them back to their normal shape. Ahh Smile dental fillings can be performed for children, teenagers, and adults with cavities and deliver patients a variety of options that can accommodate every patient’s preference and needs. With our dental filling procedures, you can ensure optimal health and prevent further oral complications.

Schedule your Ahh Smile dental filling in Laredo, Texas and Zapata, Texas today!