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Dental Fillings in Zapata, Texas

Ahh…Smile provides superior application of dental fillings in Zapata, Texas for those who have to deal with one or more decayed teeth. Dental fillings in Zapata, Texas restore function and shape to deficient teeth. Applications of dental filling in Zapata, Texas close off cracks and crevices where bacteria can penetrate, causing further damage to the teeth. However, further damage, such as tooth loss, can easily be prevented by contacting Ahh…Smile Family Dentistry today to schedule an appointment for your dental filling in Zapata, Texas!

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Types of Dental Fillings in Zapata, Texas

There are different types of dental fillings in Zapata, Texas offered at Ahh…Smile Family Dentistry, but no one type is ideal for everyone. If you are unsure as to which one is best for you, keep in mind there are several things to consider, such as the extent of the decay of the tooth, where the filling is needed in your mouth, budget, and depending on if you have allergies to certain materials. There are a few options for you to choose from for your dental fillings in Zapata, Texas:

Amalgram (Silver) Fillings – These dental fillings in Zapata, Texas are especially resistant to wear and tear over time and use and are comparatively inexpensive. One of the drawbacks of amalgam fillings is that they are more noticeable than other dental filling options because they are such a dark color. These types of dental fillings in Zapata, Texas are usually used in the less visible areas of the mouth so they won’t be so noticeable.

Composite (Plastic) Resins – These custom made dental fillings in Zapata, Texas are made to the be identical to your natural tooth color and used on visible areas of the teeth, so they won’t be noticed when you smile or speak. The ingredients are combined and poured into the cavity, where they will harden. These types of dental fillings in Zapata, Texas are not optimal for larger cavities or crevices because they may chip or wear over time. Like your regular teeth, composites can be stained from tabacco use, tea, coffee, wine, and and aren’t as durable as other dental fillings, which typically last from three years up to a decade.

Porcelain Fillings – Also known as inlays or onlays, these dental fillings in Zapata, Texas are made to order in a laboratory and later bonded to the tooth. Similar to the composite resins, these fillings can also be made to match your natural tooth color, however these are more resistant to staining. Porcelain fillings are generally one of the more pricier options.

Why Schedule an Appointment For Dental Filling In Zapata, Texas?

Neglecting to get a dental filling when it is necessary will cause further, more severe damage and decay to the affected tooth or teeth. It will allow the bacteria to grow, and if it is not treated, it could completely destroy the tooth. If the damage is severe enough, a dental filling, no matter which material you choose, will not fix it. At that point you would need a dental crown instead. And if you continue to ignore the symptoms, it will continue to grow and could lead to infection of the pulp of the damage tooth or teeth, which only a root canal would be able to solve. Schedule your dental filling appointment in Zapata, Texas at Ahh…Smile Family Dentistry today!

How Long Do Dental Fillings in Zapata, Texas From Ahh…Smile Last?

The lifespan of your dental fillings in Zapata, Texas from Ahh…Smile Family Dentistry depends on different variables, such as the material you picked for the filling, the patient’s oral health, and their oral hygiene habits. While the amalgam fillings tend to be more durable and last longer than the natural-looking fillings, many patients still choose the composite resin dental fillings because of their authentic appearance. Typically, dental fillings in Zapata, Texas can last between five to seven years.

Contact Ahh…Smile To Schedule An Appointment For A Dental Filling in Zapata, Texas Today!

Ahh…Smile Family Dentistry has dental filling options for those who suffer from one or more decayed teeth. We can help restore your tooth, your smile, and your confidence. We can do dental filling appointments in Zapata, Texas for adults, teens, and children! We will be with you each step to make sure we choose the right material for your dental filling application. With Ahh…Smile Family Dentistry dental filling application in Zapata, Texas you can ensure healthy oral health and prevent other oral complications from happening.

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