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Dental Implants

Dental Implants Laredo, Texas

Ahh Smile specializes providing dental implant applications in both of our locations in Laredo, Texas and Zapata, Texas to clients who have lost a tooth or teeth due to a variety of issues including periodontal disease, injuries, or other reasons. With Ahh Smile’s various dental implant applications, patients have the advantage of choosing the type of procedure, material, and affordability option that works best for him or her. Any of our dental implant applications can be able to serve patients by providing a large amount of benefits that include an enhanced appearance of the mouth and teeth, improved speech and comfort, and an overall boost to one’s oral and dental health. Our specialized dentists and teams of professionals have years of dedication in dental implant applications, ensuring a smooth, efficient, and long lasting dental implant process that will serve patients for many years. Call us today to find out more about Ahh Smile dental implants in Laredo, Texas and Zapata, Texas.

Benefits of Ahh Smile Dental Implants

Ahh Smile dental implant procedures are an excellent solution to patients who have suffered tooth loss due to tooth decay, gingivitis, or injuries. Previously, patients with tooth loss were required to attend the issue through bridges and dentures. Dental implants, however, are now one of the most popular options when it comes to tooth loss, as they are an exceptional all-around solution that provides many more benefits than bridges and dentures do.

Here are some of the benefits of Ahh Smile dental implants:

Aesthetically pleasing – Dental implants not only look like natural teeth, but they also feel like your own.
Comfortability – Dental implants are widely known to offer great comfortability for patients who have suffered from tooth loss and offer a remarkably natural feel.
Durability – Due to their strong and durable composition, Ahh Smile dental implants are known to last many years, and even a lifetime with good maintenance and oral hygiene.
Convenience – As opposed to removal dentures and other solutions to tooth loss, dental implants are often the method of choice as they are permanent solutions, where the patient does not require adhesives to keep them in place.

While there are many more options to treating a tooth loss, Ahh Smile dental implants can be an excellent choice that brings patients immediate benefits to their dental appearance, self-esteem, and oral health.

Types of Ahh Smile Dental Implants

Ahh Smile offers a variety of dental implant finishes and procedures. We offer two main types of dental implant:

Endosteal Dental Implants

Ahh Smile endosteal dental implants are surgically implanted in the jawbone. After the gum tissue heals, an additional surgery is performed that connects a post to the original implant. An artificial tooth is ultimately attached to the post. Typically shaped like screws, cylinder, or blades, endosteal dental implants are the most common type of dental implant.
Subperiosteal Dental Implants

Ahh Smile subperiosteal dental implants are typically applied on patients who have issues impeding them from receiving a traditional endosteal dental implant, including a weak jaw or minimum bone height to sustain it. This type of implant is composed of a titanium frame fitted above the jawbone (alternatively, endosteal dental implants have titanium frames inserted into it). Implanted just below the gum tissue, Ahh Smile subperiosteal dental implants fuse the frame to the bone as the gums heal. Once this occurs, metal posts are attached to the frame that ultimately hold the prosthetic tooth.

Depending on the patient’s necessary, Ahh Smile’s different dental implants serve as an excellent solution to tooth loss. And because they are fused to the patient’s jawbone, dental implants provide stable, long lasting support for artificial teeth. While many patients can choose denture and bridge applications, dental implants are known to be favored because they do not slip or shift in the mouth and can feel almost natural. Additionally, some patients simply cannot receive ordinary dental bridges and dentures due to sore spots or gagging.

How Long Do Ahh Smile Dental Implants Last?

Ahh Smile’s dental implant options are made of exceptionally strong materials that are known to provide long lasting and durable solutions to patients who have suffered from tooth loss. Patients can expect the dental implant itself to last a lifetime, as long as he or she maintains good oral hygiene and regularly schedules tooth cleanings and examinations. As far as the crown inserted into the dental implant, patients can expect it to last anywhere from 10 to 15 years before it might need replacement.

Schedule Your Ahh Smile Dental Implant Application in Laredo, Texas and Zapata, Texas Today!

Ahh Smile dental implants are the standard solution to patients who have suffered from tooth loss. While dentures and bridges can be efficient options, dental implants offer many benefits that other solutions simply do not, most importantly its natural appearance, comfortability, and durability. If you have suffered from tooth loss, Ahh Smile highly recommends that you schedule a dental implant or any other solution. Neglecting to fix a tooth loss not only reduces the aesthetics of your smile and appearance of your teeth, but can also have various effects including bone loss of the jaw and an increased chance of developing infections and diseases due to the vulnerability of the empty space. If you or a family member have experienced a tooth loss, schedule your dental implant appointment in any of Ahh Smile Family Dentistry’s locations in Laredo, Texas and Zapata, Texas.