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Invisalign Treatments in Laredo and Zapata, Texas

Ahh Smile Family Dentistry in Laredo, Texas and Zapata, Texas is an exceptional choice for teenagers and adults looking to improve and straighten their smile. Invisalign treatments in Laredo, Texas are one of the most popular orthodontist services available, and offer many benefits that traditional braces don’t. With Invisalign, you and your family can get the beautiful, bright smile you’ve been looking for without the hassles of traditional braces. Call Ahh Smile Family Dentistry for more information about our Invisalign treatments in Laredo and Zapata, Texas today!

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What is Invisalign?

Ahh Smile’s Invisalign in Loredo, Texas is a treatment, similar to braces, that is used to help align and straighten your teeth. It is made from a clear plastic that you wear over your teeth, and each is custom made for every patient. Eventually the Invisalign will guide your teeth to their rightful place. With Invisalign in you will need to get replacement aligners twice a month until your smile completely straightens out. Visit your local Ahh Smile in Laredo or Zapata, Texas to find more information about our Invisalign Treatments for you and your family.

Invisalign Over Traditional Braces

People tend to prefer Invisalign over traditional braces for many reasons. Invisalign is a more discrete way of straightening out your teeth, whereas braces have wires and rubber bands that can get in the way of eating, talking, or even interfere brushing and flossing! The smooth, comfortable plastic aligners of the Invisalign are more comfortable than the braces in your mouth that can irritate your gums and cause pain and discomfort. Braces are also a more permanent treatment, while Invisalign can be taken out before you eat, floss, or brush. It can also shield your teeth from potential stains. An added bonus is that Invisalign can be worn during activities such as playing musical instruments, athletic sports, the best part is that you don’t have any food restrictions with the Invisalign because it can easily be removed before snacking on beef jerky, gum, or popcorn. Ahh Smile Invisalign Treatments bring our patients in Laredo and Zapata, Texas countless benefits, such as a vast improvement to their oral health, reduced toothache, and a restoration of the functions and aesthetics of the teeth.

How Do Invisalign Treatments Work?

Over the course of your Invisalign Treatment in Zapata or Laredo, Texas, you will be given a new, slightly adjusted aligner every two weeks. When wearing Invisalign, your teeth will begin to shift slightly to their proper position and after two weeks, you will be given new aligners that will continue to discretely straighten your smile.

Invisalign Treatments in Zapata, Texas, and Laredo, Texas use comfortable aligners to adjust your teeth to their correct placement using controlled force. Invisalign is able to control the force and decides when the force gets to be applied.  Certain teeth can move only during certain phases of the Invisalign process, which will be determined by your dentist, who will map our your custom Invisalign treatment plan to your specific needs.

Invisalign Treatments. Contact Ahh Smile Family Dentistry in Laredo or Zapata, Texas Today!

Ahh Smile Family Dentistry Invisalign Treatments for our patients in Laredo and Zapata, Texas are the most common types of orthodontic treatment and are proven to be a superior solution to patients who have suffered from crooked or misaligned teeth. If you or a member of your family has recently experienced unwanted shifting of the teeth, or just wants to do some minor adjustments made, Ahh Smile Family Dentistry highly recommends you contact them right away.

Contact Ahh Smile Family Dentistry in Laredo or Zapata, Texas at (956) 723-5533 or email us at office@medigroup.com to start working on your amazingly discrete Invisalign treatment today!

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