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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Laredo, TX

Ahh Smile offers teeth whitening treatments for Laredo, Texas and Zapata, Texas. With dentist-supervised, professional whitening procedures, Ahh Smile provides the safe, effective and long lasting results that you’ve been searching for. With our procedures, you can see a brighter, whiter, and more confident smile either instantly or in as few as seven days, the decision is up to you. Contact us today for more information about our teeth whitening treatments in Laredo, Texas and Zapata, Texas.

The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Ahh Smile’s teeth whitening procedures are a must for everyone who loves a big, bright, smile. While everyone desires whiter teeth, diets, times, and certain oral habits are known to cause teeth to discolor and stain. The result is a quieter, more discreet smile. Luckily, Ahh Smile offers an immediately, effective, and long lasting solution.

Ahh Smile’s teeth whitening procedures deliver healthier, brighter teeth that result in a more talkative presence, a wider smile, and a much more active approach and engagement situations. Bright, white teeth have an instant impact in your life, as it produces positive changes to your appearance and attitude, whether it’s in the workplace, with friends, or at home. Ahh Smile’s teeth whitening procedures may also ignite a increase in personal overall health, not just oral. And unlike many other procedures that produce poor results or that may take a long time to provide changes, Ahh Smile’s teeth whitening procedures have an immediate effect that will let you focus on what you do best – share a beautiful smile.

Who Should Take Advantage of Ahh Smile’s Teeth Whitening Procedures

Adults – Teeth whitening for adults

Ahh Smile’s teeth whitening procedures are perfect for adults of all ages. Almost everyone loves a big, bright smile. While it is certainly difficult to keep teeth clean due to each individual’s dietary habits and the consumption of products such as sodas, coffee, and tobacco, Ahh Smile’s teeth whitening procedures have an almost immediate boost in the color of your teeth.

Teenagers – Teeth whitening for teenagers

Ahh Smile and the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) suggest that teenagers wait until the age of 14 to proceed with teeth whitening procedures. It is approximately at this age that the tooth’s pulp is fully formed, which means less sensitivity during and after the process. A premature application may cause strong sensitivity and an unpleasant experience.

For teenagers over the age of 14, Ahh Smile’s teeth whitening procedures can certainly have a big impact in their life. Teenagers will receive an almost immediate impact after the application that is sure to raise their confidence and trigger them to smile bigger, brighter, and bolder! With Ahh Smile’s various teeth whitening procedures, teenagers have the option of choosing how fast they want to see full changes in their teeth color.

Ahh Smile Offers Free Teeth Whitening For Life!

Ahh Smile offers free teeth whitening procedures to new patients of Ahh Smile Family Dentistry for as long as you remain a patient. If you’re already a patient, all you have to do is refer 3 family members or friends to receive this lifetime offer by Ahh Smile.

With Ahh Smile’s free teeth whitening for life offer, patients will get teeth whitening treatments every time they come in for a periodic exam, x-rays, and cleanings.

Call us today to find out more information on Ahh Smile’s “Free Teeth Whitening For Life” offer in Laredo, Texas.

($250 value, ages 18 and up only.)

Ahh Smile’s Teeth Whitening Options and Prices

Whether you laser teeth whitening, deep bleaching, or the ZOOM! teeth whitening procedure, Ahh Smile’s teeth whitening procedures offers a variety of options that will get you results immediately. With a variety of pricing options and payment plans, Ahh Smile will get you the results you want so you can boast your new big, bright smile to your friends, family, and co-workers.

Ahh Smile’s teeth whitening procedures include:

  • Laser Teeth Whitening Procedures
  • In-office Whitening applications
  • ZOOM! Whitening System

Call Ahh Smile in Laredo, Texas to find the perfect procedure and pricing for you.

Get Ahh Smile Teeth Whitening Treatment in Laredo and Zapata, Texas Today!

Ahh Smile’s teeth whitening applications in Laredo, Texas will get you results in less than hour. Whether you’re looking to remove discolored or stained teeth, or simply want your teeth to be a few shades whiter, Ahh Smile has a teeth whitening application customized to fit your needs. Receive immediate, long lasting results in a pleasant, comfortable experience that will make you reconsider how you feel about a visit to the dentist! With brighter, whiter teeth, you will instantly feel more confident around your friends, family, and co-workers. No matter the situation, Ahh Smile’s teeth whitening procedures in Laredo, Texas will keep you smiling!

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