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Zapata, TX: 409 Hidalgo Blvd. - Ph. (956) 606-4402

Welcome To The New Ahh…Smile Family Dentistry Site!

Welcome To The New Ahh…Smile Family Dentistry Site!

Ahh… Smile Family Dentistry is a full service dental center providing convenient, quality dental care for south Texas families. For the last sixteen years, Ahh… Smile Family Dentistry has continued its tradition of caring for adults and children alike. Originating in Zapata, Ahh… Smile first opened its doors under the leadership of Dr. Johnny C. Cavazos.

Dr. Cavazos started creating brighter smiles in 1996 with the opening of Ahh… Smile in Zapata. In 2002 Ahh… Smile expanded to Laredo and added a dental veteran to their team. Dr. E.H. Borchers, Jr. joined Cavazos in his mission to provide quality care and service to the Laredo Community. Borchers happily served Ahh… Smile patients for almost 10 years before retiring in December of 2011. Borchers is well known for his knowledgeable and unintimidating style, with a career in dentistry of almost 50 years. Although retired, his legacy remains present today amongst the Ahh… Smile Team and his former patients.

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