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Zoom Professional Whitening Treatments – Ahh Smile Family Dentistry in Laredo and Zapata, Texas

Zoom Professional Whitening Treatments – Ahh Smile Family Dentistry in Laredo and Zapata, Texas

Ahh Smile Family Dentistry specializes in the application of Philips’ Zoom! professional whitening treatments, one of the fastest, most effective ways to whiten your teeth. Ahh Smile Family Dentistry in Laredo and Zapata, Texas performs Zoom! Whitening in-office whitening treatments that deliver brighter, whiter smiles in as little as 45 minutes. Whether you visit our facilities in Laredo or Zapata, Texas, Ahh Smile can ensure you get the bright, white smile you’ve always wanted in as little time as possible. Contact Ahh Smile for more information today!

The Difference Between Ahh Smile Zoom Professional Whitening Treatments and Over-The-Counter Whitening Treatments

Non-professional whitening treatments are over the counter products such as strips and toothpaste. These products vary in their price, difficulty of use and effectiveness.
Ahh Smile Family Dentistry’s Zoom! professional whitening is a fast, effective and safe way to whiten your teeth. One of our experienced dentists or dental professionals will apply the treatment for you. Results from professional treatments can be immediate (up to 8 shades whiter in 45 minutes), and because a dental professional is involved, the process is safe, reliable and hassle free.
Check out some of the information about Ahh Smile’s Zoom! professional teeth whitening treatments in Laredo and Zapata, Texas.

Ahh Smile Zoom! Whitening in Laredo and Zapata, Texas – Light Activated Whitening

Philips Zoom! WhiteSpeed uses an innovative and exclusive LED light to help you safely reach a brighter, whiter smile in less time. After your initial oral exam, the complete treatment takes just one office visit at Ahh Smile in Laredo or Zapata, Texas. Your procedure begins with a short preparation period followed by three 15-minute whitening sessions, with an optional fourth 15-minute session offered at the discretion of your dental professional.

Ahh Smile Zoom! Whitening in Zapata and Laredo, Texas – Proven Comfort and Results

Looking for noticeable whitening but worried about possible discomfort? Thanks to adjustable intensity settings for maximum comfort, 99 percent of patients experience little to no sensitivity with Ahh Smile’s Philips Zoom! WhiteSpeed.** In a clinical study, Philips Zoom! WhiteSpeed provided over 50 percent better whitening results than other in-office treatments,*** both immediately following the procedure, a week later and after 30 days.

**Compared to Opalescence Boost.

Ahh Smile Zoom! Whitening in Laredo and Zapata, Texas – What To Expect

At your initial consultation, your dental professional at Ahh Smile Family Dentistry will verify that you’re a candidate for Zoom! whitening, assess your shade and take impressions for your custom fabricated trays. Your in-office procedure will begin with prep and the first of four Ahh Smile Zoom! WhiteSpeed in-office whitening gel applications. The WhiteSpeed lamp will accelerate whitening so that each of the four sessions last only 15 minutes. Post treatment you will receive your fabricated trays, one DayWhite or NiteWhite take-home whitening gel syringe and a Relief ACP Oral Care gel syringe to relieve any tooth sensitivity.

Ahh Smile Zoom! Whitening Applications in Zapata and Laredo, Texas

If you or your teenage child is looking for a fast way to get a bigger, brighter, and healthier smile, Ahh Smile Family Dentistry’s Zoom! Whitening in-office application is what you’ve been looking for. Come and visit us at any of our two locations in Laredo, Texas and Zapata, Texas to learn more about Ahh Smile Zoom! teeth whitening applications. Our team of experienced professionals and specialists will make sure you receive all the information on our treatment options and answer any questions you might have. Call Ahh Smile Family Dentistry to set up an appointment in Laredo, Texas or Zapata, Texas today!

**Excluding prep time.

**Compared to Opalescence Boost.

Source: Philips’ Zoom! Teeth Whitening