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Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom Teeth Extractions Laredo, Texas

Ahh Smile offers wisdom teeth extractions in both of our locations in Laredo, Texas and Zapata, Texas for patients who are experiencing several issues or who wish you prevent any problems that might come up in the future. Whether the patient’s wisdom teeth are growing incorrectly, unable to break through the gums, or causing serious infections and damage to the rest of his or her teeth, wisdom teeth extractions can be a necessary procedure to maintaining good oral health and adequate dental growth. Contact us today for more information on our wisdom teeth extractions in Laredo, Texas and Zapata, Texas.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are a person’s third set of molars and the last set of permanent teeth to grown in a person’s mouth. Wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth in a person and last ones needed. While wisdom teeth can certainly grow and be naturally well-placed, wisdom teeth can affect a person’s dental health as they erupt through the gum. This may be due to small jaws that cannot hold the teeth and eventually misalign them, or they simply cannot grow in a normal position.

Why Ahh Smile Wisdom Teeth Extractions Are Important

Ahh Smile wisdom teeth extractions are performed for a variety of reasons. While many patients decide to perform wisdom teeth extractions once the issues have happened, wisdom teeth extractions can be an effective way to prevent future issues, including misalignment of the teeth, stuck wisdom teeth that can impact the mouth, or uncomfortability due to a mouth too small to grow wisdom teeth correctly. Additionally, a patient’s inadequately grown four wisdom teeth can cause opening around the teeth that allows bacteria to grow and ultimately cause various mouth infections.

In early stages of wisdom teeth growth, patients can also schedule an oral examination and x-rays, giving our dentists the necessary information to determine whether efficient grown of the wisdom teeth is a possibility, and if wisdom teeth extraction is to be needed. Also, performing this examination early can also give us the patient time to determine whether they will ultimately decide to receive a wisdom teeth extraction, or if there is a possibility to maintain good health and unaffected dental alignment even after the wisdom teeth grow.

Here is a list of reasons why wisdom teeth extractions are highly beneficial:

• Wisdom teeth extractions prevent damage to other teeth
• Prevent jaw damage
• Eliminate sinus problems
• Avoid gum inflammation
• Avoid cavities
• Avoid dental misalignment
• Prevent mouth infections

Ahh Smile Wisdom Teeth Extraction Procedures

Ahh Smile wisdom teeth extractions are performed by our group of experienced dentists, oral surgeons, and professionals in our locations in Laredo, Texas and Zapata, Texas. Depending on whether the patient decides to perform individual wisdom tooth extractions or a complete wisdom teeth extraction of the four wisdom teeth, Ahh Smile offers excellent service and a comfortable, relaxed experience through the procedure.

Wisdom teeth extractions can be performed once they have fully erupted through the gum (standard wisdom teeth extraction), or before the wisdom teeth has grown out of the gum (impacted wisdom teeth extraction). Typical wisdom teeth extraction procedures begin with the application of anesthesia. Our team inserts special tools between the tooth to be extracted and the gum surrounding the tooth. The wisdom tooth is then moved back and forth within its socket until it is disconnected from the ligament. In certain more complex cases, the teeth might need to be sectioned into smaller pieces before the wisdom tooth extraction.

To determine the best method of wisdom teeth extraction, Ahh Smile collects x-rays and the necessary information from your teeth to find out how many roots the impacted tooth has and its exact location under the gum. At times, patient sedation might be necessary for wisdom teeth extractions in addition to the anesthesia applied to the impacted area. While Ahh Smile’s oral surgeons and dentists typically determine what the best wisdom teeth extraction procedure is, the patient is more than free to discuss the options, request information, and get a better understanding of the suggested wisdom teeth extraction procedure.

Schedule a Wisdom Tooth Extraction Today at Ahh Smile in Laredo, Texas or Zapata, Texas Today!

Ahh Smile wisdom teeth extractions can be essential to a patient’s current or future oral health. Whether the patient is currently experiencing pain, swelling, or any other issues due to his or her wisdom teeth, or whether the patient is looking to prevent future damage to their teeth, Ahh Smile can resolve the problem by performing wisdom teeth extractions through a comfortable, safe, and superior procedure. If you are unsure whether you need or will be needing wisdom teeth extraction, Ahh Smile highly recommends an oral examination that will be sure to provide you with all the information necessary.

Call Ahh Smile today to learn more about our wisdom teeth extraction procedures in Laredo, Texas and Zapata, Texas!